Are Extreme Sports Extreme enough?

With extreme sports becoming more and more popular, they are generally thought of as for those that possess that competitive edge and crave the ultimate adrenaline rush.  There are many ways you can find your fix and satisfy the excitement gained from a rush of adrenaline.  For example, you might want to sign up to a marathon or triathlon, but in order to step outside of your comfort zone, then it needs to be something a little more hard-core!  But if you’ve tried the usual bungee jumping or sky diving, and are looking for something more challenging still, then maybe something ‘crazily extreme’ would be more fitting.


This is probably one of the most dangerous sports out there, and is certainly not for the faint hearted!  Very similar to canoeing and kayaking, creeking involves descending white water, which includes waterfalls and unexplored canyons.  To take part you’ll need a custom made canoe and extra safety gear to ensure you stay as safe as possible. There are many more hazards involved in creeking that you perhaps wouldn’t encounter in the usual white water rafting, which makes it all the more exhilarating to its participants.


One step on from slacklining, which is usually performed only a few feet from the ground, highlining takes things to a whole new level.  Literally!  Participants will use their slack line, but across cliff tops or between tall trees.  Harnesses are usually used as protection against falls, but will not guarantee safety as if you were to fall near the start or end of your rope walk, then there is a danger of swinging into the cliff face.  One thing is for certain - there are sure to be some stunning views all the way up there!

Limbo Skating

This really isn’t as easy as it sounds, as it involves being able to do the splits.  Whilst on roller skates!  The participant has to limbo below objects only a few inches off the ground, so a great deal of agility and balance is required.  The record is held by a 6 year old boy who limbo skated underneath 39 parked cars (230 feet)!  Perhaps not as extreme as it sounds, but still worthy of the title of extreme sport!

Crocodile Bungee

Bungee jumping on a different level!  For those who find the usual jump a bit bland, you can now bungee jump over a pit of crocodiles.  Definitely not for the spineless!  A woman who tried this from Victoria Falls Bridge, narrowly escaped with her life when her cord snapped.  Although her feet were tied, she managed to swim her way to safety without being eaten!

Mountain Unicycling

Mountain biking can cover some rough terrain, so imagine doing it on one wheel!  Most people would find the two wheeled variety challenging, so to do so on one would test the most seasoned cyclist.  Very few people manage to master the unicycle, as a great deal of dexterity is required, so coupled with traversing the mountainside it is one sport that needs time, focus and commitment.

I think for myself, this is all far too extreme.  If only duvet days whilst reading a good book and drinking coffee were as thrilling!


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