Top Tips for Stopping Your Football Socks from Sagging

Having sagging football socks is a common problem for soccer players - the socks never seem to last as long as the rest of the kit! If you’ve ever wondered how you can stop yours from sagging, then read our top tips for preventing it.

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1. Re-think Your Shin Protection

Clunky, uncomfortable shin pads are being phased out as smarter, slimmer and more comfortable options are appearing. Not only do some of these, such as strapless shin pads, feel better, stay in place better and reduce chafing, but they also cause a lot less sagging to your sock. This is due in part to the fact that they stay still and also to the fact that they are smaller and slimmer, thus stretching your socks less.

2. Storage

Most people ball their football socks as they do their normal socks. But this is a route to saggy socks. Once they’re completely dry, fold them up instead of balling them.

3. Buy Better Socks

By far the most sensible way to prevent sagging is to invest in high-quality socks from the off. The best ones tend not to be the socks that come with famous club football kits, which are prone to ripping and tearing, neither are they the cheap sports-shop branded socks. Instead, look for a good pair from a top sports manufacturer or from proper football kit suppliers like With quality football socks it really is substance over style: the flashier the sock, the lower the quality in many cases.

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4. Washing

Wash your socks in cool temperatures of no more than 30 degrees Celsius. The reason for this is that higher temperatures can damage the elasticity and thus cause sagging in time. Ideally, hand-wash them, as it gives you a chance to prewash them and then clean them again in cleaner water. Squeeze the socks to get out excess water, and never wring them as this will damage the elastics. When it comes to drying, let them air-dry, preferably outside, rather than drying them on a radiator. Never use a tumble dryer.

Following these simple top tips will mean less saggy football socks that stay up and can be worn again and again in comfort. Remember, the better the condition your kit is in, the more you can focus on the game.

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