What Not To Do On an ATV This Summer

The warm weather is calling ATV enthusiasts from around the country. With thousands of people—both young and old—hitting the trails this summer, it is more important than ever for to drive safe.

At Dirt Toys Magazine, we pride ourselves in our ATV and off-road vehicle knowledge. We know how to have a fun time on the trails and how to remain safe. The following are three things no one should be doing on their ATVs this summer:

Driving Impaired

Much like getting behind the wheel of a car, no one should ever operate an ATV after drinking alcohol. Driving an ATV requires your body and mind to be working at full-speed, and though it might not seem like an issue, alcohol impairs your ability to function, which makes you a danger to yourself and to others who might be on the trail.

Distracted Driving

When driving a car, you should not be texting or using your phone to make unnecessary phone calls. If you would not do it behind the wheel of a car, don’t do it on an ATV. While offroading, taking your eyes off the trail for just a split second might be fatal.

Aggressive Driving

Road rage is an issue both on and off the road when it comes to riding ATVs. Do not do anything reckless to pass or distract another driver because they did something with which you might disagree. In most cases, the offending party will not even recognize they did something to upset you. Aggressive driving is never worth the risk.

What not to do on an ATV this summer

As your take your ATV out on the trails this summer, remember to be safe. If ATV riding is not extreme enough for you, check out some of these more extreme sports you can try. No matter what you do, remember to stay safe out there.

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